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  1. CCM KKS really make the World's Diadem disappointed..... This news even been notes by one of Malaysia top newspaper.... T-ara is losing their flame...... I am so up-sad on this !!!
  2. Don't know this is a good news or a bad news....... Good news is they can finally focus on main singing and get extra time to rest Bad news is cant watch T-ara participate in dramas and movies show D:
  3. Our girls is ANGELS OF K-POP !!! T-ara Fighting you girls are the best !!!
  4. Choreography and the dance were like a team that win in a battle dance T-ara & Cry Cry Fighting !!!
  5. JIYEON #1 because she the multi-talented idol's maknae But Hwayoung is the maknae at T-ara now !!!
  6. I'm confuse by CCM decision on "Lovey Dovey"...... Anyway DIADEMS let's make T-ARA win #1 spot and all-kill chart !!!!!!
  7. OMG........ I badly need ENG SUB !!! DIADEM Fighting !!! WG and SNSD will surely lose in MV ranking this time !!!! T-ARA DAEBAK
  8. Ryu Hwa Young = April 22, 1993 Park Ji Yeon = June 7, 1993 Hwa Young the new maknae in the group seen she join T-ara
  9. Just feel warm watching them having fun and playing with kids hehe T-ara Fighting !!! Eunjung<3
  10. Wish T-ara all-kill chart and Triple crown T-ara fighting ! Eunjung<3
  11. Leak or not !!! T-ara Triple crown here we come !!! T-ara Fighting !!! Diadem Fighting !!!
  12. OMG !!! I cant wait for the MV debut !!! T-ara Fighting "Roly Poly"
  13. This is sure going to be wonderful !!! Cant wait for the mini-drama T-ara Fighting ! Eunjung<3
  14. She almost a perfect idol and girl ! Talented, hard-working, humble, never-giveup character, she is just too good ! Really does a good example for the rookies.... Wish her can debut in world stage in the future Eunjung Fighting
  15. Is Hyomin time to shine as the leader !!! Hope she can be a really successful leader !!! T-ara & Hyomin Fighting !!!
  16. So different form the usual short hair Eunjung O_O Is so elegance
  17. So different form the usual short hair Eunjung O_O Is so elegance
  18. Surprise by "BPBP 2" Hope it will be a big hits !!! T-ara fighting ! Eunjung<3
  19. T-ara always so attractive !!! Eunjung hair is getting longer !!! T-ara Fighting !!!
  20. Nice, Boram use extend long hair !!! Btw Eunjung hair is getting longer T-ara Fighting !!! Eunjung
  21. Wish to watch this movie !!! Seem interesting !!! Eunjung Fighting !!!
  22. Eunjung with her bunny and JiYeon with her "bat-cat" doll LOL:D All of them are so sweet !!! T-ara Fighitng !!!
  23. Cool and scary Waiting for the video trailer..... I have a high exception on Eunjung
  24. So energetics, look really nice T-ara Fighting !!!
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