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    전주 / 은정의 마음
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    meeting t-ara fans around the world!
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  1. twitter - @kimjiho92

  2. 반갑습니다!!! ^^

  3. so you're 99 this year??

    congrats LOL

  4. indeed i miss Selina ;P

  5. do you have a problem?? loool

  6. loool you changed your username lol

  7. lol nice to see you again too~ hope to see you more in the shoutbox later! ^^

  8. lol, I'm so surprise so much about that cuz you also help me and other members to translate a lot of T-ara's twitter...long time don't see you on shoutbox ^^

  9. i got removed of my colour cos i said the subbing team was slow and then i got sacked lol ;;

  10. Click on 'Edit my profile' > 'Profile' tab. Then under 'Profile Information' you should see 'Member Title'. Then the rest is ABC..

  11. how do i change "member title" on your profile? lols

  12. I'm not a hotel. Get a room somewhere else! Why don't you two just elope? ;p

  13. i would like a room with "Hey Dhee!" please.

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