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  1. Ham oppa hehe she is pretty here
  2. why is she always beautiful hmmmmmm?always have a nice body
  3. the girl who took my heart................. love her forever
  4. my Jiyeon my dino my eveything
  5. T-ara comeback with 12 little girls... awwwwwwwwww love them so much Thank you a lot!
  6. TT I only saw goddess T-ara these outfits look great Thanks
  7. soyeon is like a baby here.. how cute >< Thanks.
  8. omg!!!!!!! those autographs are what i want!! Thanks Thanks for sharing these to us saving pics like crazy xD
  9. Hyomin always wears the shortest dress haha they're sooooooooooo beautiful >v< Thanks.
  10. love that leather skirt on Jiyeon... sooo pretty >.< these gonna be my fav outfits! actually i want to see the red outfits in MV on the stage hehe Thank you for these beautiful pictures.
  11. they look happy with those little kids... awwwwww happy to see them comeback and won the 2nd place Thanks for sharing
  12. It's breaking my heart reading this... They are beautiful inside and outside T___T cant stop crying T.T Thank you for sharing...
  13. Thanks for sharing Jiyeon is way too skinny now T^T love them so much.
  14. Old Username:cutecute New Username:cutecute Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/31141-help-active-post-0/?p=481579 Donor: No
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