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  1. oh god. if they wanted to kick her, they could had done so long long ago instead of saying "we casted ham eun jung, not t-ara eunjung blahblah". after she went for the interview and even preparing for her first filming then they kick her. i cannot imagine how emotionally hurt eunjung must be feeling now well the cast doesnt interest me except eunjung, so with her gone, one less drama for me to watch~
  2. wonder how its gonna affect the malaysia and hong kong concert...
  3. im pretty sure its not the members who do not want to clarify but more of kks threatening them not to speak up.
  4. fk this shyt man. i wonder if hyomin and soyeon role gonna get affected man.
  5. this is real sad for them. having gone thru 3years and finally having their first solo concert in Korea. only to get ruined..
  6. wtf is this man. the way ccm handle it is absurd. T-ARA WOULD FOREVER JUST BE DEEMED AS WHAT THE RUMORS ARE STATING. its the end man.
  7. the amount of hate they are receiving are crazy. and akp is stirring lots of shyt to drive traffic. even their perfs video are garnering more dislikes than likes.. ccm gotta clear up this mess.
  8. damn.. what a way to celebrate their 3rd yr anniversary. such a depressing news.. keeping my finger cross that nth bad would happen.
  9. dafuq is going on. even as 7-ara the line distribution is so cocked up. boram having 0-2secs of sing time, etc. with 9-ara, u can expect some of them being backup dancers.
  10. im worry about her health... she knows that Dream High would definitely propel her popularity to greater height and did not want to miss this chance...
  11. what time would the full mv be released on 9th nov? did ccm mentioned it?
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