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  1. wow the look so cute in those traditional hanbok... hahah hyomin's expression is making smile thanks for sharing
  2. i really cnat wait to watch more episodes of dream high since eunjung is there itll be a great series thanks for sharing the caps
  3. thank you so much for sharing i really love those red outfits it really suits them well ;]
  4. i really love the pictures... its really beautiful..love tiara thank you so much for sharing
  5. wow it is indeed large ive been waiting for this thank you so much...love the quality
  6. wow i really love it so cute ....haha hyomin taking selca,.cute hyomin unnie thanks for sharing
  7. they look so pretty..i wanna watch this episode and see what they sang hehe thanks for sharing
  8. the beef seems delicious haha they seem to like it... they look so beautiful thanks for sharing
  9. is that tiara w/out make-up? wow they look pretty.. Qri is so cute so as Hyomin thanks for sharing
  10. she looks really pretty w/out bangs... i like it her role in dream high is cool thanks for sharing those caps
  11. that's so nice of them..supporting boram and co-ed is there too wow im starting to like them now thanks for sharing
  12. wow! its Maden's 1st birthday so lucky to celebrate it with t-ara.... hope his having a great time HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAVEN!
  13. really..they're not hungry but they eat more??? dont really get it but im glad they're eating too much so that they will be healthy thanks for sharing
  14. she really is good in acting i first saw her in coffee house i think and i was really impressed love her acting skills..cant wait to see more episodes of dream high thanks for sharing
  15. thanks for sharing i didnt think it was a forced smile for me... she seems the busiest member of tiara...
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