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[13.02.24] Video - 'Mainichi T-ara' Day 5 - Miyagi


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Here’s my rough translation of the small part from 6.00 to 6.50 where Eunjung and Qri run away :)

Staff: Stop!

Comment: Suddenly noise. What of Earth?

Eunjung: (smiles) I found something! (dashed to it)

Qri: Fall for the bait and dashed too

Staff: (panic)

Eunjung: Dog, dog, dog, there was a dog!

Qri: Cuteee dog!

Comment: There was a puppy near the entrance of the pet shop

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I wonder what Areum was talking about? I recognize the onomatopoeia dokidoki which probably means she's very excited/nervous but I don't understand the rest of her discourse. But I like her voice though; it isn't too low nor is it too high and shrill. She strikes me as a homely and modest young lass.

Edit: She also has the habit of articulating her points with hand motion, just like Eunjung! I bet Jiyeon has fun mimicking the both of them.

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