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  1. Old Username: aPpLeZ-yZ New Username: mrsstefsunyanzi Link to any one of your posts: (click the number on the top right corner of your post): http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26013-r-dangerous-female-ch-5-a-dream-darkly-190514/?p=434868 Donor: Yes Reputation Points: 700+ Join Date: Nov'12 Thanks.
  2. Oh Soyeon, you look cute tonight, Jiyeon could be wearing hair extension and Qri looks refreshed in that new haircut of hers, Boram is looking good too with dark hair, Hyomin are you trying to kill all Hyomchins with that outfit?! And finally Eunjung, still as sexy as the knight.
  3. She is growing more confidence in every photo shoots/magazine shoots, and I love how every styles seems to fit on her... Hyomin, you are gorgeous, I hope you realize about this fact, love you!
  4. Hyomin is the hypest in this entire video... EunMin moment at the end... they are so cutee~~~ *faint*
  5. Hyomin~~~~ *died* look at that darling! Who wouldn't fall for her? Seems like she had enjoyed filming for 'The Jinx', hope it would be a success! Hyomin, hwaiting, saranghaeyo!
  6. *Squealing like a little girl* That was such a entertained performance, the charisma and power was so overwhelmed... I enjoyed it very much! Hwaiting!
  7. They look so carefree in those casual clothing and somehow they seems happier, and there are so many fan boys in this fan meeting, this is good...
  8. They seems pretty awkward in that outfits but they do look tired, practicing dance moves, before moving into the studio for the actual shooting, and now doing the interview, poor things... but still hwaiting, T-ara N4!
  9. I almost couldn't recognize Areum, hahaha... she is really born fair... Eunjung looks good with those brownish locks. While Hyomin looks so ready to fall asleep on herself again. Cute... >.< Jiyeon is literally hiding her face under that hat... T-ara N4/T-ara hwaiting!
  10. Two lead singers, one sub vocalist, one rapper, so now sub-unit trend is also hitting T-ara, I hope this would turn out good, perhaps this was decided to allow for Areum to have more exposure. Short to say, Boram, Qri and Soyeon will have other works like doing MCs, dramas-acting or even releasing more solo singles? Is Dani fitting anytime soon?
  11. Hahaha. That was hilarious and the amount of facial expressions on them was intriguing, even Areum was enjoying it as much and Hyomin, I swear your expressions are enough to kill me!
  12. Well done Queen's and the girls, you guys did a wonderful job, let's keep fighting! And may T-ara emerge as the champion again.
  13. Well done, girls! They had better luck in Japan as compared to Korea, nevertheless, it was a good start for them now! T-ara hwaiting!
  14. Qri looks amazing, even though she's just posing so simply, seems like Reumie is appearing a little cheeky behind her.
  15. My Hyomin is back... she looks so cool in shades and why is she so far apart from the rest of the members?
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