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[MAG] Hyomin for COSMOPOLITAN September (08/27)

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I think your body is much better than on TV. It seems that you originally have the body-built in which you don’t gain weight.
I also used to think like that, but once, when I was a high school senior, I went on binges and gained 8kg. I thought that wasn’t right, I made up my mind and changed my diet to cherry tomatoes and cucumbers for dinner. I also rope jumped 2,000 times every night. My diet history started since then.

Is there any exercise you’ve been especially doing lately?
Crossfit! I actually needed exactly one month of preparation before I started this exercise. To make it short, I needed to make sure of myself. Also, I always did cross fit early in the morning worrying that I might give up later saying it’s tiring. Because at night, I hang out a lot with my friends and would come back tired. Once I wake up I’d put in all my strength doing cross fit and then shower after that, when I do that I’d feel a confidence from deep in my heart that “What is it that I can’t do after doing such a powerful exercise?”.

At last, is there anything you want to say to the COSMO readers?
Before I started exercising, my fears that ‘will I really be able to do this?’ have considerablly gotten bigger. However, gain courage and try it first. It’s certain that, just like me, you’ll get bigger and will be able to feel the little enjoyment and happiness. You will also start loving your body.

Korean site: http://cosmopolitan.joins.com/article/RetArticleView.asp?strArtclCd=A000002126&strFCateCd=AFAA

CR: Cosmopolitan Korea, translation by fy-t-ara@tumblr

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