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[15.11.11] Video - T-ARA for World Of Warships


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I don't know how to accept this endorsement!


I am a hong kong/chinese(but born and raised in Sweden) so listening to the chinese version of Cry Cry really makes me CRY! Coz It's SOOOO Bad!!!!!!


And the cosplay clothes... Jiyeon and Eunjung-unnie looks good, The rest of the unnies are acceptable

but Hyomin is like a mannequin, anything on her looks beautiful, but they succeded making it impropper!


Well I have never liked the chinese commercial and things soo...


Anyway the only thing to do is accept the reality, and I do thank and have gratitude towards these brands in China that help T-ARA make a great earning and spread their name


T-ARA FIghting

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