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Browse through various photos of T-ara from performances, photoshoots, at the airport, from their social media and so much more!


01. General rules still apply here:
- Diadem's General Rules

02. Please tag your posts. Include a date at the end of your topic titles in (MM/DD) format.
- [OFFICIAL] For officially released pictures e.g concept photos, TV shows, dramas, etc.
- [PHOTOSHOOT] For photoshoots of any kind.
- [MAG] For magazine spreads.
- [AD/PROMO] For pictures relating to T-ara's advertising promotions.
- [TWITTER] [IG] [FB] For Twitter, Instagram or Facebook uploads.
- [EVENT] For events.
- [PRESS] For press release photos.

- You may use other tags that best suit the photos, such as Posters, Sponsorships, Gifs, etc.

03. Always add credits
- CREDIT: (source) + (your username) + tiaradiadem.com
- For example... CREDIT: Naver + nathaniel + tiaradiadem.com

04. Pictures must be related to T-ara.
- Non-T-ara photos will be deleted.

05. Fan photos are permitted so as long as the owner allows.
- You may post fan taken photos but please be sure the owner or fansite have given their permission. Fansites: Eunchannet, Hyomdot, Jingdot, QulWang and JeonDot have request for their photos to not be reuploaded.

NOTE: Due to being large in number, in order to further organize the Photos forum, we will cease posting threads of individual Instagram updates by T-ara. Please instead post to the designated Official Instagram Thread. Instagram photos by other accounts featuring T-ara are still allowed. Thank you!

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