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  1. really disappointed with korean industry...i just remembered what they had done to JYJ from DBSK.. now T-ara also facing problem with it...maybe not the same situation but this whole things really broke my heart... i'm a hardcore fan from both group T-ara and DB5K...why all these things happen to them... eunjung please be strong...i think she should stay away or take a break until these whole things cool off... T-ARA hwaiting <3
  2. this make me want to cry...she look thinner than before.. xxxxing haters..please gave back t-ara bright smile
  3. yeah...what you said are true..agree with u... it so heartbroken to know what so called t-ara fans cancel those tickets really i can't imagine what i'll feel if i'm one of t-ara members who work really hard for their 1st concert i mean they really wait it for so long...
  4. i don't know what to say anymore....but i'll still support t-ara bcoz i've been their big fan since they debut... internet is not a media that we can rely fully for information.... people just to quickly jump on a conclusion based on what they saw through internet.... are they really a true fan of T-ara???? do they really know what is going on BTS??? no matter what happen i'll still be strong as Queens... T-ARA hwaiting & always be strong even though its gonna be difficult in the future
  5. T-ARA are so kind...still even with their packed schedule, they're not forget to watch for their juniors...
  6. congrats for hyomin eventhough i don't like the mv bcoz not enough close up for speed's boys
  7. wow...really..it's a big project..only famous idol group can be the model...this prove that t-ara have become really2 popular in korea...congrats to T-ARA...
  8. T-ARA~ i will always support all of you...please take care of ur health.. proud to be t-ara's fan
  9. ok..i really can't wait..waiting for this for a long time since their debut day...even rookies groups has their official fanclub..
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