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  1. you freakin lied to me.... who are you for real?

  2. wow this place is pretty

  3. I wanna to fall on my face and cry all night, my favorite group is on the brink of disbandment, and Hwayoung who i love just as much as the rest of the members is kicked out :'( i might fall into depression this is no joke :'(

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I want Breaking Heart limited edition but i can't find it :(

    1. iwuvt-ara


      And i know it's limited but still i WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  6. thanks for the add :D

  7. HI HI !!!!!!! my break is this week so i wont be busy :)

  8. lol hello, nice to meet you

  9. nothing, just life is really busy these past few weeks

  10. yeah i saw it, i want jiyeon back as a girl though, i dont like the boy look

  11. waiting for t-ara DUH!!!!!!!!lol

  12. ya nina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tikaboo i see you

  13. then why did u ask if u already knew!!!!!!

  14. cause i am a naturally happy person and im happy to see you!!!!!!

  15. ya where hav u been!!!!!!

  16. yeah me either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. How's all my friends doin?

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