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    i'm really interested with kpop..its always make me chills my daily life while doing other works too..
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  1. hehe, yeah..you're right..by the way, it'll be christmas soon right..hope you'll have a good time..

  2. Its not too late for that:) its still 2011:)^•^

  3. hi oppa..how're you doing now??hope you'll always doing fine..miss you oppa, hehe..well then, take care oppa..

  4. hi there..thanks for your wish on my birthday, and sorry for the late reply..by the way, i hope it's not too late for me, happy belated birthday for you..^_^

  5. saeng-il chuka-hamnida sister DIADEM^O^

  6. i like how qri tie up her hair, i feel like it just make her more beautiful, .. for sure all t-ara's girls are beautiful..just love them.. T-ARA hwaiting!!!!
  7. omo!!!!! i'm almost fainted!!! qri unnie is so pretty...>_<... all the girls are pretty.. hope they'll be pretty always.. t-ara hwaiting!!!!
  8. today's the most horrible day for me..it should be a very cool day for me, but it ended up when i'm almost lose my sweety honey smartphone :(..but, i still consider that i'm lucky coz i get it back..huhu, still needs time to forget this horrible day..

  9. left you a msg on your ym..hope you've read it.. take care..^^

  10. oh my!!.. who's the lucky guy besides eunjung unnie?? oh, how i wish that i can have a moment like that.. still, woojung couple is the best..
  11. qri and jiyeon.. very pretty..jiyeon looks more mature in the pic.. love t-ara..
  12. wow!!! qri, hwayoung, and jiyeon looks so beautiful.. i really like qri's hairstyle.. sweet idols ever..
  13. hyomin's very beautiful..i'm always amazed by her style and beauty.. but is she alone? wondering where's other members.. well, hope shes fine..
  14. i've never seen this side of eunjung..she looks more mature and feminine in the simple dress....i love her..
  15. so charismatic..i'll love t-ara forever..T-ARA hwaiting!!
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