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  1. Congrates to T-ARA...i hope their comeback will be successful. T-Ara still have a lot support from fans.... DAEBAK!
  2. yes!!!! T-ara do the best for comeback... Cant wait to see them perform
  3. Daebak!!!! i'm too excited with ther comeback!!!! 4 day more....
  4. waaaaa...good news I'm happy that they will be coming out now Hope fans can support T-ara... T-ara fighting!!!
  5. awesome!!! i have to find it... support t-ara always!
  6. i'm glad hwayoung decided to say something, i hope no more people didn't put blame on t-ara anymore.... let's support T-ara
  7. why should they leave.. :(even thought there's a lot of haters who wants them to be out of the drama.. i believe that there are more more Queen's out there that will support the drama..
  8. good news ...thank you Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA)... eunjung fighting!
  9. miss T-ara.. be strong T-ara..

  10. why all this things happen to T-Ara???? ALWAYS SUPPORT T-ARA, EUNJUNG AND JIYEON
  11. ....I hope Eunjung cheers up soon and become Strong ...,Its better for her to be with her family, i always support her.. LOVE u so much Eunjung unnie..
  12. fighting Areum.. try your best.. keep on fighting!!!! I'll be supporting areum always...
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