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  1. thx! for sharing this! i also love jiyeon... she is very pretty
  2. ahhh! it is very unique! and I really like yayaya looking forward to T-ARA's perfs!
  3. watched T-ara's performance via streaming... even though it lagged a little bit.... I really did love their performance in music bank T-ARA fighting!
  4. I am really loving hwayoung now i also like her rapping voice in why are you being like this! thanks for the translate Elly!
  5. lol yea me too! I know right it would be really cool if they did all their songs! Love them all too <3

  6. yeah! i can't wait for their comeback this coming friday! xD I hope i can come home early to watch it in streaming ahaha! I wish they can perform all 5 tracks in december 3 because all those songs are really good ahahaha! just joking xD

  7. That's good to hear. Yea me too I wish I could really get it :) Can't wait for their comeback stage too :D

  8. Hi! i'm doing really great! and I am really excited to buy t-ara's new mini album hehehe! :)

    how about you? how are you doing these days? xD

  9. Hi hi! How have you been?

  10. ur welcome and aw thanks~!

  11. waw! they look very beautiful in this selcas! thanks for sharing! I'm starting to love hwayoung more
  12. aww... Thanks for passing by my profile too!! By the way your page really looks good :D

  13. Hi! Thanks for passing by~!

  14. waaaaa! eunjung really looks cute here!
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