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Status Updates posted by syilah

  1. hyoyoung!!!im falling in love with you!!!!!!!

  2. hyoyoung!!!im falling in love with you!!!!!!!

  3. hwayoungie!!!!!miss u!!!!

  4. galaxy tab 2 7.0!!!!

  5. omg o_O warning post..

  6. t-ara malaysia showcase!!! i want to go!!seriously!!

  7. haishh...why must dani??

  8. haishh...why must dani??

  9. me at my school right now!!

  10. huh...this new diadem totally give me headache..

  11. huh...this new iadem totally give me headache..

  12. yes...thank...we chat together if you and i online....^^

  13. lol...no la~~hik hik ^^~

  14. your facebook name is momo saging right???

  15. yes...i miss her very much...i miss her twitter update...my name at fb is Fiq jae....add me ok??

  16. do u have fb..cuz i found ur fb..^^

  17. do you miss jiyeon??

  18. jiyeon!!!stay healthy...:)

  19. i add u already...^^(let's be friend ok??)hik hik

  20. give me ur fb name and i will add u..^^

  21. hihi...my profiles pics is jaejoong pics..^^

  22. wa~~~your name so long...happy new year to you...my fb name is Fiq jae...add me ok?

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