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  1. hahahaha CCM always takes member from people who audition from other companies

    Others company just like that...

    Yeah! Even Hyorin wasn't successful in auditioning at JPY. So I guess I need to wait and see.

    Hyorin pass the JYPE auditions and became JYPE Trainee for a few years. She's has to be debuted w/ MissA Jia but somthing happened that we don't know.. the reason JY kicked her from the company. rolf

    She suit with ballad. T-Ara music is pop electronic.. something different from her. but,, I hope she'll adapt with T-ara. Welcome Ahreum to family!! :D

  2. This is what she twitted last week. I didn't really understood the picture or content of the message until I saw the video. Had no idea she was holding a wind chime, hehe. I really want one. OTL


    [TRANS] @b89530: welcoming summer, I saw a jingle jingle horror thingy http://twitpic.com/9tsbix

    cr: MyT_ara @twitter

    That's cute tho. I want it too.. lol

    She definitely have a unique personality, hehe. Everybody did the standard fireworks + goldfish drawing. Things that were different:

    Eunjung drew flowers and the color of spring.

    Soyeon and Qri wrote their name.

    Hyomin drew a huge eyeball. <3

    네! ~ She' have a unique pesonality. thats her charisma !! XDD
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