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  1. Whoa, that's amazing! It's great that they're being received really well in Japan. :3 I'm so proud of them<3
  2. It's okay! (: just wanted to meet more diadems ^^

  3. I'm from California ^______^

    And haha no, no twitter :c

  4. Nice to meet you too! (: where're you from? o: any twitter account? :B

  5. Hey there~ Nice to meet you c:

  6. Oh dear, I hope she gets well soon ): I'm proud of her for being so committed though<3
  7. Wowww, 23 million? I'm so proud of them ;A; I really wish they'd win more awards though @_@ They definitely deserve it with all their hard work in promoting<3
  8. Wow, I never really saw this coming It seems like they really are tackling everything in the entertainment world; I can't wait to see how they'll do^^
  9. I'm so glad they've achieved so much recently and I'm really proud of them<3 ;A; I hope they continue to do well~
  10. Whoa, that is an amazing achievement I'm so proud of them<3
  11. Aw, I particularly loved this win because of Eunjung and Jiyeon<3 They're so cute and I loved how Eunjung tried to cheer Jiyeon up.
  12. Jiyeon and now Hyomin? I really hope these girls get a break soon for the sake of themselves. ;~;
  13. Oooh, an Eunjung/Hyomin/Jiyeon collaboration, I can't wait to hear what they're song will be. :3
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