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  1. Awwww Eunjung bb *__* I'm so happy to see her as an MC. Hwaiting
  2. LMAO! although it's true, they could have used another title, a better one xD
  3. Well done Eunjung! Show the world what you're capable of. I'm so proud of you! Hwaiting!!!!
  4. this performance was awesome! also I'm very happy that the fans in the crowd were so loud. our T-ara needa lot of support now. well done
  5. that was a very good performance. I'm so happy they're back and that apparently everything went fine. I have to admit I usually hate fanchants but it was good to hear them during the performance.
  6. How unprofessional of them! Besides that's not how to treat a person. They should be ashamed of themselves. If it's about the scandal I wonder if they saw that Hyomin and Soyeon are having no problem with their respective dramas so why would it be different for Eunjung? Very very unprofessional. Eunjung stay strong, we love you no matter what! Fighting!!!!
  7. OMG you're awesome! thank you so much for scanning the whole thing
  8. For her own sake I hope she stays in the hospital for a bit. She need to heal a bit or it could get worse. Please Soyeon, don't go to film, get some rest!
  9. thank you also for the download link. you're awesome
  10. thank you so much for sharing these I guess I'll wait for the download link if you'll post it
  11. Totally agree! In my opinion she already showed she's a valuable member and not a burden at all. And she's already messing with my bias list hehehehe
  12. awww why is Qri so pretty?? seriously! I love her eyes *___*
  13. This MV is kinda confusing. the camera changes scene too fast sometimes. Great Jiyeon's close ups though hehehehe
  14. She truly is a leader. I think she's perfect as T-ara 's leader. She has a strong personality and she's awesome professionally talking. I have great esteem for her.
  15. LMAO Eunjung was the black sheep??? all 8 of them on stage together for both performances *__* I'm glad Jiyeon is ok. She killed me with that final stare +___+ Soyeon seemed like she was suffering :/ I hope she will recover quickly. T-ara hwaiting
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