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  1. Woah Hyomin is a workerholic!! "TO REST" does not exist in her dictionary she is just amazing! she is the queen of entertainment! (photo, drawing, stylism, dancing, singing, acting, i should add gag girl (coz she's so funny) and now video editor! if she composes a song & lyrics then she'd have done everything!
  2. Woah is this a christmas present LOL 5 versions!! Dance drama club maybe ballad version and um dont know This would be great that the videos are linked with some transition from one to another
  3. woah this must be seen SISTAR's Hyorin Jiyeon & ailee!! cant wait to see it
  4. Japan korea and soon USA i wonder if their ceo think a liltle bit because this schedule is insane!! i know korean like palli palli but this is too palli!! poor them!!
  5. Brave Brothers are AWESOME!!!! love all their work! waiting with impatience!!
  6. haha, I need you check something :D, tweeted

  7. see! i told you french is hard! haha

    tweet me what you wanna know ;)

  8. the teaser is in a bad quality!! wanna see a PV in HQ!
  9. i love Hyomin and Qri faces the most!! haha they have made 3OO lucky person!
  10. hey, I need your help :D

  11. Knee injuries are the worst !! It takes so long to recover properly. I don't know how she will do with the japan debut!! I feel sorry for her...
  12. I dont know all of the words but I can guess, hehe~ merci beaucoup XD~

  13. Tell me whatever you want in french :) i will tell if it's right or not ;)

    Tu es modératrice général Wow félicitations! (can you understand this?:P)

  14. merci, ça va XD~ I can introduce something about by some in French xD~

  15. haha je vais super bien! et toi?!

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