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  1. I will wait T-ARA at KLIA! after so long i can see her face to face!!!! LUCKY ME!!!!
  2. damn kfan.they should blame all this on kks.hopefully the girls keep they heart strong and may god bless them.who know after this t-ara will become more success.there wont be t-ara hwayoung at all if the old members didnt work hard to make t-ara famous as theyre now.hwayoung should glad she was accepted as t-ara members.not bashing them after she was given a chance to become one of them.she was kicked out after slacking off while other work hard.she just ruined t-ara after so long the old members spend tears and sweats to gain fans and acknowledgements.
  3. yeah i think ccm going to make t-ara like snsd since i read in newspaper yesterday one of the two girls is EX girl generation member O.o
  4. i think they have already work to hard..whom this "lazy" person he refer to? KKS *******!
  5. aigoo...i hope diadem will be t-ara international fan club...this club was fun with nice people T.T any backup plan Ellie?????
  6. woohoo at last hyomin got the chance!! i wonder if she will show us more of her mature side lol
  7. oh sorry...i thought the max file size is 4mb lol i need to create new siggy then T .T
  8. I have been waiting for this news for so long since she appeared in Khuntoria couple 1st episode... now i can see eunjung every week... I hope that her husband can offset the eunjung playful temperament. hopefully its fun to watch the couple as the pair of Adam.
  9. agreed! it cant be express as competition since it will trigger misunderstanding between the t-ara and 5dolls members. they should work together as a team and find a different genre of songs to win fans. btw 5dolls's song is not good enough. i watch the show bcoz of t-ara. they should thanks t-ara properly. maybe they will be more acknowledge because of the join stage.
  10. agreed! ^.^ i would love to see her face when wake up in the morning =.= ♥♥♥♥ and to those D**n netizen! dont comment to harsh! F**k! hope eunjung dont mind about their comments...i want to see more of Eunjung pic like that...something that i cant see on megazine or tv or anywhere else.these kind of pics are precious... Eunjung fighting!!
  11. those pictures look like candid pictures.. Promotion staff are lazy...
  12. yeah truly agree with you! ^^, But i dont think they're in relationship anymore... It's hard when they cant meet regularly, and dating freely. Call is not enough... It's hard to find a guy who willingly/happily to have that kind of relationship...
  13. Hyomin !!! she seem happy in the 2nd picture... i was worried about her and big bang fan stuff. finally she seem fine... but somehow i think foods will make her happy. she tweet a lot of food photo before. anyway Hyomin fighting!
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