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  1. I love her voice. She got such a sweet voice. keep replaying...
  2. It is finally gonna be out. Just one more day. Love Jiyeon and will support Dream High 2 all the way
  3. can't wait for Dream High 2 to air. It has been long since Jiyeon get to show off her good acting shows in Drama. 30th January!!!!
  4. 93 line and lead vocalists of the group. Such a good combi for both groups. just watched it live and all I can say that it was PERFECT!!!
  5. Oh Great! Good Start for the year. Can't wait to see their performance. Really like this song.
  6. Not all 7 members are here. ): Anyway, the 6 of them are gorgeous. Can't wait to see their performance.
  7. Haha shuffle dance....can't wait for their MV to be out. Gonna learn their dance steps.
  8. can't wait for Dream High 2 to be out. counting down to 30 Jan. Jiyeon will be playing a most successful idol actress. Don't know who will be her partner.
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