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  1. What I've guessed for these 2 days are true. She's leaving! CCM should be sad letting go such a talented girl like her. And I'll continue my job as Hwaesome! Hwayoung can do this without CCM I guess
  2. And its going blahblahblah T-ARA unnies are learning the choreography, oh, probably because those 2 new members! Tch, maybe they already remember the dance steps just because that 2 new members enter, they need to learn it again, since they need to re-arrange the position. And like that girl who-is-her-name said 'I reject it because I need to learn choreography' yeah kid! Impress us! Or you will get haters because of you and the other one girl --" Tch. CCM is really asdfghjklasdurhdhbds AAA --"
  3. zeya

    [PIC] T-ara

    This girl really need to reject the request to join T-ARA! I meant, the age difference! Why CCM put a kiddo? Even she's in the same age as me, probably older by months! If CCM put her in just for english speaker in the group, that's sucks. 9 members? All of the members haven't find their pure talent! Even the lyrics part is messed up-_- Oh darn, CCM is really annoying. This girl probably will hated, but let's see it later on. I hope she will do better, and please, make the lyrics part good than before. CCM need to stop adding and kicking members. For seriously.
  4. Its not about who's the maknae lol, people. Don't bash me but really? Are they really need to add members. Again?! Look. They're 7 people. And we haven't found what is their 'real' talent. I meant, their part is just a little! Such as Boram,Qri. I know Jiyeon is the main face and that's the truth. But, look! CCM need to dig out Boram's and Qri's talent. Their part is a little, their cam-time is not much. What else they want? Adding a new member is like confusing. I'm sick wif all of this. i don't know how queens will think. But yeah, just see it. Probably fans won't be really like them (new members). This group already talented and become hallyu stars. Why CCM wants to broke it? They're fine with this! Omg, i cant understand this anymore--"
  5. is it just me or ccm is a fool really I will only love 7-ara, not 8-ara or 9-ara. Whatever people will call me, but I'm sick with CCM's news. Starting from CoEd School, and then T-ARA. Lol, I don't know what will happen with GangKidz, they'll be disbanded maybe -____- CCM need to think first. Make a petition for not adding new member for god sake CCM is getting crazy and more crazy. Tsk.
  6. its not about jiyeon will be forever maknae or what-_- the reality lol. even if u think jiyeon is forever maknae. the new member is younger than her. yeah. ccm is a bit weird, ccms tried to be surprising for the fans, but i meat its kinda stupid. they dont realize fans reaction abt it. they need to fiure it out before making a decision. always adding member is like they're not serious with this grop. adding hwayoung is enough, since she's really talented. if they add more, what'll their fans think? queens probably will stop like them. i'm not wishing that happen. but yeah... its like coed school. they're adding members, make a sub-group, 2 members out, adding new members, blablabla... its weird. asdfghjkl, ccm you're annoying. please just 7-ara, dont make it 8-ara or 9-ara u,u and their fanmeet, i hope the new member wont get hurt.
  7. Hyomin's smile is really bright and they're so cool with their casual outfits :3 I really love this time~~ xD
  8. Okay CCM, you already piss me off first, you changed member of 5dolls *sorry if OOC* and added new member on speed. you exchange their entertainment to GM Media. And now?!?! TIARA? Like seriously? At first I heard about this, I thought maybe its a hoax alias rumour. But now, seeing this topic makes me think that actually you WILL make it! I mean, COME ON! They already perfect with 7 members! Don't follow AKB48 or something! THEY have their own CHARM! 9 members? They will called plagiarizing SNSD. Truthfully, what you want?! Hey look! All diadem in this entire world LOVE THEM with 7 members. Adding Hwayoung is amazing decision that you've made! But adding 2 more and KICK some of them? That's stupid! Do you know that maybe all diadem hate 9TIARA? 7TIARA is the best . I'm sorry, if CCM really add, I'll let go my official Diadem position *lol*. Stupid idea from them, like wth-_______-
  9. KYAKYAKYAA thx for sharing this~~ i will download it if my connection good again ^^ thxx XDDD
  10. KYOPTAA!! yeppeodaa~ kyaaa~ sooo cool xDDDDD hahahahahahahaha~
  11. kyaaa~ THEY LOOK SOOOOOOOO CUTEE!!!!!!! hahahahhahah~ cute cute cutee xDD
  12. poor hyomin unnie TT_______TT unniee~ pls stay strong unnie TT_-TT we're always with you TT________TT HYOMIN UNNIE!! FIGHTING!!! ^^
  13. oh god!!!!!!!!!!!! shes FREAKING CUTE!!! she's soooo cute and adorableeee ><
  14. OMOOOO... she's soooooooo cutee >,< WAITING for THE MV!!!! Kyaaa~
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