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  1. me too happy they decide to come to Malaysia [as Eunjung the only one had been here before] ^^ i love both either showcase or concert as long as they step here..keke but yeap, that ticket price worth for concert. hul~ i think it was mentioned there date for early bird promotion ticket starting next week
  2. wow!! awesome!! ^^ oh, this is that T-ara Collab Cafe right? this was great actually..sure all k-pop fans will enjoy being there~ d;
  3. oh i love this girl!! as the time pass, that love always grows..;P had to admit; she already make herself equal with ultimate bias in T-ara! kekekeke.. Ryu sisters are so adorable~ ^^
  4. i didn't know about this musical.. so it's kind of surprising to see Jangwoo & in-laws be the cast! wow! interesting! d;
  5. dem! just can't ever wait for this MV released! pallie! pallie! Qri look super hot with tough girl image! oh i love that much! ^^
  6. its Hwayoung! not just a passerby! no need to blind her up~~ pity our girl~ other than that, feels like home watching how casual our idols are~ still looking good! d;
  7. omo, its a goodbye already?? time flew very fast.. WELL DONE girls! your comeback had shake the world~ d; now Japan's stage, get ready!
  8. yosh! so many version! they worked really hard on this! well done girls! wishing all the best in Japan market~!
  9. this photo was precious! the girls look very exclusive there! love it! thanks for sharing~
  10. i download & watched this episode rawly last night...& what can i say, it super duper hillarious! all young girls idol were totally enjoy and get along with running man casts! very sporting!!! Jiyeon & her Kookie oppa!
  11. big differences make big success!! well done girls! 8) Mr Shinsadong Tiger & Mr Kyusung! you guys did a great job! Thank You!! d;
  12. PRECIOUS!! miss cordy jjang!! our girls look super outstanding!! looking forward for more beautiful outfit~
  13. yesssszaa!! this was totally awesome! T-ara jjang! Roly Poly daebak! huge huge clap!!~
  14. wow! they celebrating with their performance outfit! beautiful! WELL DONE girls! you deserved to win~ yay!
  15. can't wait for the MV! THANK YOU for sharing the caps! its make me mo anticipating! d;
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