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  1. whooaaa, I love her hairstyle really beautiful just like a goddess !
  2. I don't really get it is that some kind of habit or what ? Still Soyeon is pretty to me, whatever she does LOL
  3. ooiii cent ! asek dah bkin diadem

    pake avatar, posts yg banyak

  4. oowww they're so sweet as a couple ! Eunjung looks pretty !
  5. LOL ! Who took those pictures ?? Really cute ! Even she looks beautiful when sleeping nice photos ! I want to download it
  6. wow she's really pretty ! I didn't know that her hair has grow that much I though her hair was short anyway with any hair style she still pretty to me !
  7. OMO ! Is that Boram in 21 years old ? yaaaa she looks like an elementary school student ! anyway who is that next to her ? maybe her cousin or brother ? or her friend ?
  8. Yaaa Jiyeon's face looks really different without make up hahahaha Eyeliner is the important thing huh ?
  9. wooww her face looks innocent her face looks same when she appeared on Death Bell 1 innocent and pretty I love her long hair
  10. whooaaaa !! She really looks different ! I like this concept ! She's perfect for it Looking at her pic like this I think I'm gonna melt down
  11. MechaMike

    boram (6).png

    wow she's really cute !!!
  12. Yaaa ! Jiyeon stole Suzy from Eunjung ! LOL ! She looks cute and adorable and Suzy looks pretty too ! It's great to see them together !
  13. The VIPs are too overreacted this is just a game and this is just for fun There's should no bashing about it
  14. Actually I can't really see the difference But no matter with eyeliner or without eyeliner, she still look the same and adorable She really looks cute ! OMG I can't stop looking at her pics
  15. wow yes, they both really look same, especially the bang
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