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Status Updates posted by soyawn

  1. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  2. LOL hahaha! ohh oh, no wonder.

  3. ohh okay okay. lol wanted to ask about the Facade of a Girl fic updates, haha.

  4. eh you delete your twitter is it?

  5. hahaha! actually i changed bias 3 times in T-ara already. and Soyeon stays the longest and forever will be my bias.

    Soyeon has been my bias since Hello Baby. lol!

  6. lol haha i can tell you're pretty random now. haha! duuh..it's ManRi, too hot! LOL

  7. huh? lol i'm from singapore

  8. ahh yes yes! i forgot to read last night. will do now! ^_^

  9. thanks will read! oh hey, you don't have to pm me. i always check back the fanfic section! so don't trouble yourself ^_^

  10. oh yes! actually i'm a silent reader for that fic! coz i just found out about that, lol!

    i guess i'll comment on that!

  11. ohh..yeah that happens too..

    well there are a bunch of awesome people at sb and also a bunch of well forever-not-so-happy people.

    they ticked you off from time to time, i agree.

    but nothing you can do when some are plain arrogant..haa..haha!

  12. hahaha! yeah they put up the word filter thingy. once sb shouters even test out which word can we use. pretty much a lot has been filtered, lol!

    and i think i'm not at the SG thread most of the time, coz i'm always at sb. lol

    ahhh..he probably understand 1 but all 3 is pretty sad if she's not his bias, LOL!

  13. LOL! all 3? hahaha!

  14. LMAO! hahaha! oh well still a lot i guess to be in macdonalds? lol!!

  15. ahhh! alrighty! lol definitely went crazy since there are so many of you guys!

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