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  1. chapter 3 updated 



  2. chapter 3 updated 



  3. Its updated chapter 3 



    1. jmae


      Oh really ok ill.check hahha

  4. The fault in our destiny udpate chapter 3 


  5. Old username : Bluepills new username : Bluepills ( actually i want to change, but i dunno, can or not ) link of any any one of your post : http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26632-r-brothers-conflict-updated-ch-11-040714/page-6#entry457443 Reputation : i didn't remember
  6. If T-ara really busy next year , i think is good decision to not focus on college first , its useless if she focus on career and college , but at the end she just skip the class because her job , better postpone it than got drop out because too much skip the class...
  7. Just go apologize to my hwayoung too and bring back her !! zzzzzz KKS really ruined all T-ara member life and dreams...
  8. wohooow....why i felt they will become androids....xD cant wait !! but i'm sad too , they will be super duper busy.... i hope they will be okey.... hiks
  9. errrr....her face remembering me with Ji won... O.o or its just my feeling...LOL but i didn't see she's cute...she's pretty...but not cute...and she will be the next maknae ? wah...Jiyeona time to you to give your Maknae crown to her...LOL....but i think Jiyeon and hwayoung is more pretty and cute than her.... but i must support her too...oke dani FIGHTINGGG!!!
  10. hummmm.... honestly i'm not really like them...but didn't hate them too....just fighting for them...
  11. 80 episode is too long....plus if both them be a major rules , they will get diffficullty , and can't rest well....especially Jiyeon...i want she take a rest for a while...i felt so sad seeing her eyebags...i can see she's really tired....i know many people like to see Jiyeon act ....but...i dont want my dino exhausted and the place she will come is H.O.S.P.I.T.A.L Jiyeon is too overworking...
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