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  1. Nice thanks! I like the new "Like" button (Unless its always been there and I've just never noticed. lol)
  2. Wow crutches? My first thought was - I thought Eunjung was getting better already...then I realize its not her lol. Maybe its because I don't follow other groups very much, but T-ara seems to get hurt a lot
  3. heh thats pretty cool, going to download now thanks for the heads up!
  4. John Travolta......wut? lol. I know him but none of the other 80's references...not a fan of the 80s to be honest lol. Anyways, cant wait to see them back!! This will def be interesting. And I wonder if they changed bo peep since it has a 2 on the end.
  5. ooh creepy. I havent seen any korean horror films but I think this will be my first ^.^ Is there a trailer for it? Anyways thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow awesome! I actually haven't seen any ep of WGM mostly cause none of my favs were part of it. But if Eunjung is in it i'll totally watch!! I can't wait
  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  8. Wow soooooo many people there. That's amazing. Eunjung looked so pretty - if slightly squashed during the crowd part. lol. Also...her sneakers....LOL. I think she has a thing for bears ^.^
  9. haha new photos! Awesome, she looks so cute sleeping. Hope she got a good rest ^.^ Also, that bear...i totally thought she was holding a pedo bear. lol
  10. omg I just saw this on twitter. I was like...WOAH. So hot. lol Thanks for the super fast translations and posts. You're amazing!
  11. haha they were there to test out sunglasses? lmao what a strange event. They look great though!
  12. LOL she forgot her twitter password before? I thought people were joking about that, that is so funny. Although I prolly would also except i have firefox remember it for me. I like her new picture
  13. ahh i love eunjung wearing that uniform. looks so good ^.^ And they look cute together. Too bad in dream high its like....caaat fight!! lol
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