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  1. I think what the PD said is they'll not reach out (not into) T-ara personally as a fan only not as a PD... come on it's this kind of argument that makes T-ara in dispute... please be more open minded guys....
  2. come on what is this... there must be a reason if someone suddenly misbehave... if she can't go on stage although after the rehearsal of she'll rap on the chair there must be a very solid reason... i wonder if they'll terminate Hyoyoung contract too... i like this one... there always many version of something like this and we as their fan didn't given the right to know... we just have to hear what other people say although we can't accept it... so THIS makes me wonder which one is in truth here...
  3. agreed too.... without any proof from any person not related to either KKS or CCM I'll still don't believe the story... show me the solid evidence first...
  4. Come on what is this??? What KKS just do is agreeing to the rumor that T-ara IS in dispute... There still other way to do it right aside from kicking someone just from a little mistake.... I still support T-ara though but it seems like I've left with just a few of them.... Even KARA can solve their problem with DSP and Gyuri (the only one that still sided with DSP during their case) without tainted their relationship much AND not terminating all the other four contract...
  5. uh yes... I like this idea... but it might be hard for them to start gaining attention from that company CEO since they already have their big name idols on the line (SM with SNSD, SHInee and SuJu mostly; YG with 2NE1 and Big Bang; and DSP with Kara and even Rainbow)... I'm pretty sure said about this already but this is my opinion too....
  6. wow even Jiyeon gain trust from an OWNER/PRESIDENT OF ONE OF THE THREE MAIN COMPANY IN KOREAN MUSIC INDUSTRY (well that's what myopinion is.The other 2 is SM and YG)???? this show how stupid of KKS of KKS for not to try and discuss with the composer about songs distribution??? STUPID AHJUSSI...
  7. I don't think the member line up means there are going to be new member in and old member out... I think what CCM's CEO said is their position or something (like the main singer and main dancer)... They're not stupid enough to drop a member from their most rising star, aren't they???
  8. It's not Citrine I think since that is the unofficial name... we just have to wait till they come with the official name for the fanlub...
  9. finally... uri T-ara noona finally got the deserved break after a long time promoting... they really deserved this after all the hardwork they had put for promoting all their songs... thnx towards CCM...
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