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  1. Heyy . Are you guys subbing the running man "girl group special" ?

  2. Ka*

    hehe tks:) i followed u on twitter

  3. Bou

    Yeah lol and done :P

  4. Ka*

    hi Bou:)

    r u vietnamese?


    please join with us - thank you:)

  5. hi have a nice day^^..

  6. crewz

    may i ask u if there is a video about t-ara showcase in japan??can someone hve found the video uploaded it at diadem???

  7. hello,

    can I share Diademsubs's file to Indonesian forum? I will give full credit ^^

  8. hey bou..can u give me the link of Heroes from Ep 20 to 41?.

  9. hey.u know when will t-ara publish their new song?

  10. Lol I'm trying to download all videos. Then I realised that one missing. When are you back from vacation? Can help me? :(

  11. Sorry I'm on vacation lol

  12. Hi. I trying to download earlier videos. Then at T-ara Live Chatting 090810. Part 4 link is dead. Care to help upload the video? :/

  13. Our love knows no boundaries :P

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