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  1. its the anti-t-ara fancafe that lost 6k members, on the opposite t-ara fancafe fant-ara are gaining members.but still the anti fancafe has more members.
  2. nah its a special show to cheer for the korean participants in the london olympics
  3. http://youtu.be/5cVvGK9RYlo "http://youtu.be/5cVvGK9RYlo" , put this link in the middle of media instead put the title at the top also. follow what others do. credit you can just type the user name @ YT
  4. anyway the date is wrong. its should be 12.01.24. weird that they use TTL pics. is it some old news? cuz its from TCN..
  5. jiyeon poking soyeon @ 2:58 in roly poly part hyomin lost her stick @3:50 in cry cry part T-ara so cute
  6. seems like T-ara is the only group who change the whole song entirely. considering thier busy schedule and able to come out with this remix version, its actually pretty good
  7. im from singapore you? :)

  8. hi, thx for page visit.. X)

  9. hi. from what country are you? :D

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