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  1. wow!!! what i can say is how lucky ahreum and dani to be able to perform at such place in front a huge number of fans while other debutee still struggle to place themselves in the industry
  2. if this is true and proceed as they planned ..this april will gonna hurt a lot of t-ara fans, especially the fans that had follow them since 'Lies'... huge changes in concept and especially in members will definitely effect t-ara as a group that gain so much popularity recently, i'm afraid that the fans are also turn their back on them...so what's the need of fans club then??? p/s:(SNSD never changed their members from debut until now..and yet they are the nation girl group)
  3. T-ara members are busy for the year-end shoes and took time to practice from 3AM to 6AM for these shows. They only were able to receive 2-3 hours of sleep over three days; there is no time for them to relax. In addition, Jiyeon had to be at the KBS 2TV "Dream High 2" shooting schedule. Jiyeon said, "Sorry for the inconvenience and making fans worry. Today, please love our 'Lovey-Dovey' music video." - ONE WORD : CRAZY, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO PLEASE FANS, HOW THE FANS COULD NOT WORRY BECAUSE OF THE CRAZINESS OF THE TIME SCHEDULE.....WHAT!!???? 3-2HOURS SLEEP IN 3DAYS, NO WONDER THERE ALWAYS WEIRD MESSAGE COME OUT AT THIER TWITTER...
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