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  1. hope boram will join in this MV T_____T or there is just 4 ( Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Dani ) of them ?
  2. hope boram will join in this drama MV ^__^ Boram Hwaiting !!!!!!!!
  3. wooowwww boram so mysterious person with hairstyle like that LOL and really funny looks hwayoung fall sleep :D
  4. I think hyomin character....she won't greet others that she doesn't know....that is why there is misunderstanding...infact she is just shy
  5. really2 like this concept i hope it's more success than bpbp
  6. woww same college as hyomin ? ( Correct me if I wrong ) there must very busy for japan single All of this, I just can say HWAIIIIIITIINGGG !!!
  7. daebakk, but i think, theres too much box, until 1000 boxes they want to make child obeses ??? hahahah
  8. the posterrrsss look so ammazing can't wait this album :D but, where is boram in this poster T_T
  9. Dari indonesia juga? salam kenal ^^

  10. I think she so tired too much working and restless Hyonie HWAIIIITINGGGG !!!!!!!!!
  11. like brother like sister maybe he have same talent to be singer too LOL
  12. Congratulations to T ara and Diadem We'll support your all the way !!!!
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