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  1. 1. It's to much hype to say things like that, so CCM is better bring something REALLY good. 2. Please, LET THAT GIRLS REST A LITTLE, I'm getting really concerned about their schedules!
  2. it will fit perfectly in my room's right wall! omg, I think I'm gonna wait to buy everything at once at yesasia: cd, calendar, etc.... these girls are gonna make me poor!
  3. WOW! They really showed all their charisma and habilities in this show, their popularity is gotta grow fast! Hyomin was pretty cute there, but Soyeon is still jumping into my eyes!
  4. Hwayoung has her own kind of beauty and that what amazes me the most in her pics... she always get my attention in every pic she is in!
  5. the pics are wonderful and Eunjung is better than ever... but Jiyeon on Dream High 2? We better not believe in rumours till it's confirmed, I heard that they'll use just SM singers in the next season... It's impossible, I know, so we have to not create anticipated hopes...
  6. I didn't know the video were leaked when I watched it a few days ago... I think it's better than the original version, but the camera moves so fast and I can't watch it without a headache. The girls maturated a lot since the first mv, and I'm really proud of them!
  7. At the end it will be a really special photobook, I guess they'll put a lot of other precious pics of T-ara that would be just wonderful to keep safe in my room. Couldn't they give some posters too? It's like I can see the girls on my right wall... *dreaming*
  8. okay, they're gonna get a photobook and an apron, but a fan meet too??? OMG it's such a wonderful opportunity to know the girls and tell them all that they mean for us... I'm really jealous!
  9. I'd really love an apron sent form my girls... It's too much hope wait for something like this in America someday? Qri is beautifull as ever tho!
  10. where's the boyish girl they told us hyomin would play? she is pretty cute... I didn't watch any episode yet, but I'm sure she is making a wonderful job with this and can't wait to see it!
  11. This style suits well on Boram. I think she is more cute than in the past 2 years. She became more feminine, more delicated... Even though she was cute with the short hair too
  12. There's no way japanese fans not love Soyeon, she's such a catly girl hahahaahahah Can't wait to see Bo Peep Bo Peep hitting Oricon and showing Who Runs the K-Pop!
  13. Our fairy Jiyeon better rest and take care of her health once japanese promotins are going to be HARD! and they're really cute in common clothes!
  14. Our fairy Jiyeon better rest and take care of her health once japanese promotins are going to be HARD! and they're really cute in common clothes!
  15. She's gonna debut anytime soon, stay tunned! Can't wait to see what she can bring in the future!
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