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  1. Their performances and outfits for SEXY LOVE gets much awesome every time. I'm so happy Boram got more camera time in that performance
  2. Boram looks so cute. I'm loveing her more each day
  3. Woah! Daebak! I wish I can come to their concert. T-ara is really the best! T-ara Fighting!
  4. awwww! Boram & Eunjung!, I love seeing the both of them ♥♥♥
  5. Love the picture of Rambo Unnie and Q-ri Unnie together laughing. and awwwww! Hyomin cried because they finally have an official fanclub and fanclub name. T-ara FIGHTING!
  6. My heart melted after reading this. I discovered something more about Boram Unnie. I love her so much, eventhough she’s underrated, she’s still is the best for me and my bias.
  7. I don't know why but on the recent program that I wastched which featured T-ara, it was said that they live separately now. Each member has their own dorms now. I just hope that KKS paying for their dorm.
  8. Dani is the 9th member because at first she wanted to practice more to make sure she's well prepared before performing together with T-ara. In previous news, she stated “In order to make sure I dont hurt T-ara's popularity or image, I'm practicing more before I join my Unnies“ but then she change her mind and said that she wants to perform with T-ara as soon as possible. And I think they put her in the MV to prepare the fans for her debut cause like now some QUEENS already hate her. She didn't do anything, she didn't choose to join T-ara, the CEO did. And Dani isn't all of over T-ara's next single, she's just in the MV. As you can see they released a Concept photo of Areum and Dani's info was released first because of the rumours that were wondering before they (CCM) got the chance to introduce Areum.
  9. Boram's violet hair is so cool didn't notice it at first
  10. Vee960107

    Gimpo (46)

    LOL. Eunjung in the middle of Jiyeon and Hyomin holding hands.
  11. Boram looks so cute with that puppy. love this set of pictures. Q-ri and Hwayoung looks adorable.
  12. love this. will they be promoting Roly Poly at Japan? I wanna see them perform Roly Poly again
  13. I wish there's a fancam of some sort. I wanna see their performance. Thanks for sharing the pictures :D
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