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  1. haha so cute, and is soyeon reading a book or something? doesnt look like she is sleeping and the actually made an article about them sleeping
  2. ahhh thats fine. shes already intelligent im sure if i was a student there. i would feel so sad lol
  3. hyomin tryna build some muscles nah jokes lol. stay healthy girls!
  4. shes pretty, i was looking at her face more then the award lol shes so lucky t-ara gave her such a precious thing
  5. Come to Australia... Melbourne or even adelaide!! i really one to meet them, ahhh. maybe i should move to asia, preferbly seoul
  6. wow... i want to see them with my very eyes, actually see them. not pictures or photos on in computer. i wish i was there ):
  7. hongkong must love t-ara luxury cars, so lucky. Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royces and Ferraris. give them to ME ):
  8. sounds so cool 0.0 just ashamed how hwayoung part was cut out
  9. omg this is so cool, but its 9 dollars isnt that abit too expensive? but then again there are apps over 20 dollars and im suprised people actualyl buy them. but this is a must have, waiting for it to be released xD
  10. what do they mean by little t-ara? what? 0.0 is it little kids performing? >.> but sounds cool still
  11. lol AHAHAH first ever in kpop history t-ara really is something you know? i didnt expect this to happen because all of that stuff going on with them daebak!
  12. ima be a rebel and stay up and see this im guessing one is sexy love dance, and the story version. and yeh, dunno the other 2
  13. wow, seriously, this has gotta end. they had enough bullcrap happenign to them. stop giving them more and the haters stop encouraging them to do more dayum man. when will all this end
  14. heloooooooww, yes sir, im one of a kind :D

  15. so much things are happening to her. Its better for her to be with her family, im sure her mother would keep her company like no one else. hope she will cheer up soon
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