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  1. Eunjung is truly a good hard working person. She's awesome. Mentioning her married friends sounds like she's looking into getting a boyfriend soon. It's good she has her priorities straight. She knows being financially stable will allow her to create her own family. Wise woman. 80s and 90s music. Nice choices. Her maturity is akin to the blossoming of a beautiful flower, but more human and way better. The Kings and Queens will always be there for the T-ara members. Please don't forget the fans in the rest of the world too, like the Americas and Europe.
  2. I'm certainly glad Eunjung and Gyuri are not infected with the coronavirus. Both girl groups went through an amazing time together on stage. So many good and wonderful memories. Kara is 3rd Generation (Debuted in 2004 to 2007 Era). T-ara is 4th Generation (Debuted in 2008 to 2011 Era). Our leader always says maintaining strong and healthy Alliances is good for business and friendships. Always K-Pop World Idols. Always. Eunjung's career resume grows more healthy with each year. New effective tech is always a game changer. This why studying never ends after graduating from school. So develop those good study habits so that it becomes instinctual. You will survive much longer. Working with professionals is a very good thing. Good job. Sounds interesting and fun. Is it wrong of me to picture the both of them at the beach, (wearing bikinis of course for maximum skin exposure to soak up the natural ocean water) catching some waves? I still think surfing will add the fun and healthy exercise to this routine. To be honest, Eunjung can pull off many looks. As proof, I offer her acting resume that supports this belief. Is it wrong of me to say both of them have adorable baby faces? Eunjung is on a roll with this answer. Good job. If only when this pandemic finally ends, can we see this happen soon? Nice. Nice again. Extra nice. I swear, we all need a genuine T-ara drama show with all 11 members. The show doesn't have to be about the T-ara girl group biography, but it can be like one of those fictional dramas instead. We just need a really good script and a top-tier production team to make it happen. Subscribe people! We will always be there for them. She could do more live streams while we all wait. Always thoughtful.
  3. More good news. The top Ara-Sister Groups. (T-ara & Kara.) Their latest video.
  4. It's great to see her return to television once again. She's a welcome addition to such a unique legacy in the orchestra world. Is it too much to hope she will one day play entire soundtrack to the movie, The Red Violin? Jiyeon's cathartic ambiance will grow even more so throughout her acting career. Count on it. I agree. Sweet memories are indeed precious. Judging from the interviews the cast has done, I'd say they had lots of fun. One of the many qualities we know and love about Jiyeon. Stay strong and loving, Jiyeon. Professionalism goes a very long way and appreciative in the overall scope of the job. It's a team effort. Always. Many people in the industry were very supportive of "all" of the T-ara members, even during that incident. They have all grown up to be fine young women. Whatever doesn't kill them, only makes them stronger. T-ara are multi-talented members. Cool. Was it really translated as "bad guy", not as "bad girl" or "bad/terrible person"? It sounds like she wants a movie role. It's very good she motivates herself for the long-term career path. 9-ara! I do dare to say 11-ara! T-ara should invite other girl groups as honorary guests to their reunion. Of course she can! Fans chanting, "Jiyeon! Jiyeon! Jiyeon!" over and over again. And wiser and smarter. She was born beautiful, for the record. And truth be told. In my opinion, it's not greed. It's self-improvement and always being a good person. Hellish sins will never prevail over Heavenly virtues. It's preordained.
  5. We would like to see 9-ara. More the merrier. The other 2 can join in too, since they helped start T-ara too. (Technically, 11.)
  6. Is anyone here with me on having Jiyeon and Sejeong making a collab track? Sidenote = Is it just me, or is Sejeong giving us a "She's a Queens" vibe?
  7. The members still acknowledges the label as their group's birthplace. Proof how much they value truth and each other.
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