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  1. Demanding an apology for broadcasting T ara members.......netizens grow up..
  2. Kim Kwan Soo, the only man that beats around the bush even in an apology....... It would make a lot more sense to let T-ara talk for themselves. Lies can cover up temporarily but telling the truth will allow the public to recover faster and have a newfound respect for T-ara. But hey that's just me...
  3. @ericmusica youre right that it can't hurt to take up the offer to meet with KKS. But I'm just so afraid he will say something to make this situation worse....but we will see.
  4. CCM I can't believe you're actually doing something right about this situation.
  5. The heat around T-ara is starting to die down. KKS is making this offer just to save face. What CEO in their right mind would openly invite to meet with antis??? The more KKS tries to make it appear as if everything in T-ara is ok, the more suspicious he is making the fans, and the more he is feeding the antis. He needs to let the heat die down, give the girls a break, and let them each make their own statements and then just concentrate on a solid comeback with "Sexy Love". The fans are STILL here, we are STILL here, and they know this. We are waiting, T-ara!
  6. Am I the only one against Hwayoung rejoining??......I will still support if she returns but dam CCM is a shitty company.
  7. Poor Dani she just got here! KKS really doesn't have a brain. The girl is 14 and already part of such a highly public scandal. This is not the way I think she wants her first few experiences with T-ara to be...Areum as well
  8. Hwayoung taking the high road if this is true. The only missing key to this whole scandal is what happened between T-ara and Hwayoung that night before Music Bank. We have all the surrounding stories but CCM is beating the bush around the heart of the topic. We may never find out what really happened but there are two sides to every story. I hope QUEENS understand that too. T-ara had a reason for what they did as well as Hwayoung. They are all young girls and feelings of jealousy and cockiness are very common at their ages, especially with their status. I want T-ara back =[
  9. How can we even confirm that Hwayoung is in this picture lol...I'm also hoping that she WILL be back, but with all these random stories popping up online and being proven false I'm a bit hesitant.
  10. another random post.....seriously everyone is just going online and posting random anti messages like this
  11. omg I just read the twitter situation.....translations can never be TRULY accurate. Have Eunjung, Hyomin, Boram, Jiyeon, or Soyeon made a statement about this?
  12. Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin all have backgrounds in acting. I think that's why they have usually been the center of the drama MV's. I believe Eunjung and Jiyeon started their career paths as actresses before they even considered being in girl groups. I know for sure that's the case for Eunjung.
  13. Epic Mv is Epic. How long do we have to wait until part 2? Time to once again play the waiting game with CCM.
  14. Add me as your friend ~ Thankyou :D

  15. I.AM.SO.READY.FOR.THIS. I can't wait to see my blue eyed warrior Eunjung!
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