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  1. I'm getting Roly-Poly flashbacks from this look. They look adorable and hilarious! Adorably hilarious! I can't wait. I've been missing the comedic aspects of T-ara, even though I've been enjoying all of their "cool" releases of "Sugar Free" and "Number 9."
  2. I'm so excited for this comeback! "Little Apple" is quite catchy as is and I'm hoping T-ara's version will also be tongue-in-cheek funny. Crossing my fingers for a great comeback! (I've been checking everyday for the music video release, hahaha.)
  3. Ah, it's so good to see T-ara performing in Japan. I especially like the cameo of "Magic." However, did anyone else feel that Boram has lost a lot of weight? She's always been tiny, but whenever she'd wave or gesture, her elbow bones really stuck out. >.< Oh noes, hopefully Rambo is eating enough, because she needs the food!
  4. Thank you for giving us a general summary of this. I remembered looking at their debut days in comparison to now and thinking that they all looked so much healthier now. It's actually difficult sometimes for me to look at them back to their BPBP and Like the First Time days, because I'll notice how young and small they all are. Seriously, Hyomin in the LTFT music video looks skeletal after going through her make-over, the dress hangs off of her a little and her elbows and knees look really knobby. And she's always been slender, so for her to look particularly knobby means that something's wrong. It's too bad that CCM is still keeping such tight control over them. *sigh* Their PR just sucks in terms of winning the public's trust.
  5. Perfect. Just absolutely perfect. I'm glad with "Sexy Love" that we're seeing a more even distribution of lines and show-casing of all of the members' talents. It was wonderful to hear Eunjung so clearly and to hear Boram really sing loud and clear too! Ah, I can't wait for their other performances!
  6. Ah, I like this music video so much! It's just such good fun. At least the scenes aren't changing as fast as in "Day by Day" (that was just killer), but I do wish they'd slow down so that we can gaze our fill at each of our lovely girls.
  7. Ah. *sees teaser* *favorites* *sets loop* *spends rest of day listening/watching teaser over and over again* Qri looks amazing. The green hair now looks really cool on her and makes her look like an anime character, except cooler, because it's Qri. I can't wait to see the entire music video! Gah... ;_; it's killing me waiting for it.
  8. Wow... O_O, Eunjung's voice live sounds even better than the recording! Damn the background vocals ;_;, I wish I could hear her voice better in their performances, because her voice sounds so good!
  9. So short >.<. I was playing it over again and pausing to make sure I got a good look of all the members and their looks for this comeback. *sigh* Countdown now till their music video is up...
  10. The teaser is so epic! I can't wait to see the music video. Just watching this, there's an awesome tragic warrior-feel that just heightens with the musical refrain. I'm watching it over and over again just too absorb all the awesomeness of T-ara.
  11. The girls look so gorgeous here! Although, really, >.< they didn't have to photoshop Eunjung's thighs. Sometimes, it's really noticeable and it throws off her wonderful, strong curves. Otherwise, the girls look fantastic! It's great to have them all together.
  12. >.< I don't like Jiyeon's blonde hair. However, I am really excited to see the music video! Can't wait for their comeback!
  13. Yay.....! I love them behind the scenes and I really like this song, too. It's why I prefer Lovey Dovey in Tokyo to the Lovey Dovey zombie video cause there are so many shots of the girls just having fun and being themselves.
  14. O_O Just when I was wishing for more T-ara goodness, this pops up. I'm glad CCM is preparing for their comeback, although still ;_; over the added members. But perhaps that means that they'll rotate out some of them for acting projects, etc. and be able to give the members downtime? I don't know... ARGH, I can't wait for their comeback.
  15. I actually really like this song so I'm glad they gave us a MV for it... although ;; it wouldn't have killed CCM to maybe do something new for it. *sigh* But hey, I like the song and it's actually one of my favorite performances since there's just so much bounce and cuteness for the girls to have fun with. Good for tiding me over until their comeback....
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