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  1. yay the teaser. i'm so excited now. i'm gonna watch now. haha. i hope the teaser does not throw off to what it is really gonna be. those teasers are always tricky
  2. actually soyeon does fit the role of a leader. i was kinda skeptical when they first announced it but i actually like the idea now.
  3. this is cool and all but why are they changing leaders??? i really like hyomin as the leader. well anyhoo, congrats soyeon. she'll make a great leader as well
  4. i wonder what name they'll choose in the end. this interview was interesting.now we know some of their plans for the future. go t-ara!!! thanks for the translation
  5. they should also promote a song in japan that they didn't already promote in korea. i think they would get a larger fan base in japan if they did that... just saying
  6. yay roly poly in japansese. i wonder if they are going to change any of the choreo. when is the mv supposed to be released?? i can't wait to watch it!!! aahh xD
  7. i hope international fans can join too. we need to unite all t-ara fan all over to support t-ara. i wonder when they are gonna release it.
  8. wow i didn't know they didn't have a an official fanclub. i hope their make it soon. i'll support them lol. do t-ara
  9. the babies look so cute and they are brothers??? wow what a beautiful... no adorable family!!
  10. i am having trouble on finding their season of hello baby. i really really want to watch it. does anyone know where i can watch it online?
  11. wow they are even dubbing now? what can t-ara not do!!??? haha i wanna play the game now.. i just don't know korean though :'(
  12. what exactly is pretty btw? is it a cosmetic or clothing that they are promoting? hmmm i wonder if it'd good.
  13. they all look so cute and sophisticated here. wonderful stage presence. i love all their outfits too!! i need to go shopping haha.
  14. does anybody know how many versions or if any have been released yet?? i'm kinda behind and catching up on t-ara... school is bleh haha
  15. they are going to release five versions??? wow that's a lot of t-ara haha. i can't wait to watch them all. go t-ara!!!!!
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