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  1. Looks like I'll have to watch this when I have access to a computer. It won't play on my iPad (which I'm using right now).
  2. Thanks for the uploads. I'll have to watch them all when I have some freetime.
  3. Nice! Another great performance from all of them. And also, if you look at the left side of the stage at the end of the video, you can actually see people clapping. So there's some proof that they're not adding "clapping" sounds to the vid.
  4. Yay!! Qri got some solo shots when her parts came up!! =]
  5. Finally their comeback on Music Bank. I don't see why KBS made such a big deal last week about them.
  6. LMAO when Qri got scared when she sat on that guy (a manager?) hiding in the pink thing.
  7. It's too bad that they got #2 this week. But there's always next week! Also, I think I like their outfits in this performance the best so far!
  8. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this video version. Funny how they haven't done this with their other songs...
  9. Hmmm...from the fan cams that I've seen, it didn't seem as bad as the article made it look. But then again, people who write articles may "embellish" things a bit. In other words, they "stretch the truth". I'm not surprised though, being it was their first public performance since the controversy broke out.
  10. Yup. Just did my part as well and voted. Gotta remind myself to vote everyday!!
  11. They did really well on this comback stage. And it seemed to be "live" too, which is a plus!!
  12. They all look good in these pictures. AND Eunjung is smiling!!! Hopefully they all are returning to their normal selves now.
  13. Finally the wait is over!!! It's great to see them on stage again. And the fan chants throughout the whole song.....thumbs up to them as well.
  14. Okay these netizens really need to grow up. They're nit-picking on every little thing. I understand that T-ara is under the spotlight because of the controversy concerning them, but seriously, this is getting ridiculous.
  15. Yeah I think I like this version a bit better than the other version. There weren't as many cuts and it had more solo shots of the members.
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