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  1. lol yep, in the end KKS should just be quiet and let it cool down for a bit, rather than keep attacking hwayoung
  2. yep its getting out of hand.. so many companies are pulling out of t-ara right now ever since this all stirred up..
  3. i agree. all the anti's were flooding it with the rumors they found or fabricated and the website kinda forcefully shutdown. but the date kinda sucks because @_@ yah..
  4. i seriously love her long hair XD so pretty... extensions????
  5. what performance? is it going to be streaming live? i hope they dont do the black sea thing or no chant thing
  6. as long as it wasnt true im happy that they found out it was actually just fabricated
  7. i dont get why kks has to lie about everything. but whatever.. so many things are rolling down hill right now
  8. yep.. he's saying she was acting like a diva and tortured the makeup artists and stylists, and thats what made him fire her basically
  9. i dunno.. i'd be kinda scared because he could practically fire me on the spot for not listening, and then black list me from the rest of the industry.. i really wish it was that easy too for the girls you know?
  10. i bet they wanted to speak up.. but KKS is repressing them because he wants his truths to come out, not theirs.. or else they wouldve tweeted or talk to the press about it already
  11. exactly.. but KKS is tying them down tbh. he believes he should handle it. if the girls do come out and talk about the issue, its because they were handed scripts by KKS. i agree.. reserved judgement is always good, dont worry, you and i are in the same boat ^^
  12. i think KKS is purposely trying to draw something up for the girls to say, to save his own butt.. but if they did come out with their own true feelings or version of what really happened, it would clear up x 10 fast
  13. this is outrageous, lol. i wonder what he told them. i hope it wasnt to scare or intimidate them with legal statutes.
  14. i think all the girls will be absent from everything that requires the public seeing them..
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