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  1. Ima gonna say...that's the correct way of thinking......i hope they can enjoy more in their future stage performances...
  2. Haix...seems like KKS's brain had been corrupted so much. Although i still prefer 7-ara but if this already a fact, i will accept it with my heart. I just hope KKS can really care them with his heart as much as we do from now on.
  3. Yeah unfortunately Soyeon unnie was not in this video due to her injury but i bet she even at the side when 6 of them taking this advert , 7-ara forever ! =D
  4. If not mistaken , they going to Europe trip after April 7th ! Wondering how the discussion now !
  5. LOL , that part made me laugh too ! When JiYeon unnie trying to act clubing , Goddess Eunjung straight shout out "Park Ji Yeon"
  6. Just let it be....I did mentioned few times after this news was released which they are going there to help the new girl group. (Having high expectation on "FREEDOM" =D)
  7. So cute ! Which is why I am crazy for you ! Which made me your long life fan ! Goddess Eunjung Fightin !
  8. AWWWW ! Goddess Eunjung ! She always made me melted even with her pictures ! awww.....can't imagine without her !
  9. Be chill , everything has remain unknown before April 7th , even we are all hated KKS but i prefer we keep on support them and stay observe until the day. I know this news made most of us pissed off but just relax, I think CCM is not silly after all, they won't make some decision roughly.
  10. I love that "Itsumo Itsumo Shopping !" They are just too cute !
  11. I think most of us wish to be with them T.T hope Europe fans don't miss the chance to meet them !
  12. Indeed. Beside on wishing them have fun , we shall hope they be safe and healthy especially to Goddess Eunjung...."Please take care of yourself !"
  13. DAEBAK ! FREEDOM ! Why our girls so great !? Hyomin unnie and Goddess Eunjung Fighting ! T-ara Go-Go ! Can't wait to see for their Europe trip video !
  14. Hmm....In case you are not realize that, the whole group was going for the Europe trip to assist the newly formed girl group. =D
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