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  1. OMG YES! I'm so happy! I love Amber too so it's nice to see them together. Yay Eunber!
  2. i like this remix.. it's beautiful and kinda relaxing. soyeon's voice is so damn beautiful ;__; and areum's hair looks nice.
  3. They are so beautiful I like especially Jiyeon's clothes
  4. Hyomin's hair looks really good 8) and they all look beautiful, their clothes are really nice.
  5. yay amazing T-ARA!!! sexy T-ARA ~ i'm so glad they're back. robot dance is really good. outfits are beautiful, especially red ones. and omg those black shoes. i love everything! hyomin's hair is beautiful and i LOVE boram's part. jiyeon is so cute. soyeon's and eunjung's voices are amazing areum did very nice job with the rap part and my beautiful beautiful queen qri. i only wish she would have more parts but i don't hear areum's name in fan chant in the beginning?
  6. omg i love it so much!! it looks so perfect, i can't wait i'm so excited that dance is so cool and everyone looks beautiful. and qri's short hair.. seriosly i cant take my eyes off her. areum looks also beautiful with blonde hair. but i also miss hwayoung..
  7. 7st..? Lol but i like it. i hope its gonna be as good as lovey dovey. T-ARA fighting!!!!
  8. OMG my qri with that green hair!!!!!!!! Omg so beautiful and cool i can't wait
  9. haha Hyomin's shirt they all look so pretty!
  10. love their outfits!! but are there any videos of this? i can't seem to find them..
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