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  1. Thank god lol, but I heard rumours about how she has to leave WGM? Anyone know if this is true or not?
  2. So sad to hear this news, but I mean despite her childish behaviour, booting her is a bit overboard.
  3. Wow this is bad news, and the best part of it is ALOT of members suddenly logged on to read these news lol. NOrmally less than 10 members logon at once.
  4. LOL I was about to ask that same question, the "lottery" thing is it only for Japanese people? or are we able to use it too as international fans? Also is this for preorder anywhere yet?
  5. Yah its surprising how expensive this is, but most Jap albums are alot more expensive than kroean ones. Just wondering does this come with a poster for first press/limited editions?
  6. Its weird though, Im not bashing or anything...but its just plain stupid to bring 30k USD (34m won) in your bag. Its like placing all of your eggs in a basket...I would imagine they should've brought less, or maybe have more than 1 "treasury"
  7. OMG Eunjung please don't blame yoruself haha, these things happen...its so unfortunate though, everytime they go overseas they get mugged/things stolen etc. This happened a while back with another KPOP girlgroup member too (forgot who)... Or its probably an angry fan pissed off @ the new 9 member formation lol... Btw does anyone else think the 3rd and last picture which contained new members, some of them look like KARA's Nicole or SeungyeON? The 3rd pic with the red hair girl looked like Nicole, so does the one wearing that black hat beside her. The bottom right picture with the longer red hair girl looks like Seungyeon lol.. Cant wait for this release on GOMTV...so happy that its not YT exclusive since YT has horrible quality.
  8. Im quite confused, is G-market like an actual stor eor an online one? is it similar to those sites for asian products like yesasia, dvdheaven etc.?
  9. LOL considering how long ago Loveydovey was released, this rating would have literally no effect at all on fans. I would assume most of us have already purchased and/or heard and watched this song whether on live, youtube etc. Im just surprised how bored CCM and the rating company must be these days, with all these random actions against T-ara...
  10. Any new news in regards to when preordering would be available for the jap album? ALso yesasia's loveydovey jap vers both haev posters
  11. This guy doesn't understand the basic principles of life. When certain aspects of life gives you crap, you fix it to avoid further occurences in the future. He shouldn't even be considering removal of members as that's just evading the issue, not even attempting at fixing it. If he wants a successful T-ara, maybe he should be emphasizing fixes to the current members, such as investing in more training and more careful about minor issues he mentioned. Adding the 2 members may not even resolve these issues. Although I guess changes are made and there's nothing we can do about it. Hopefully the 2 new members are likeable, cause Im going to find myself in a difficult position to accept this new changes after having T-ara being this way for the past year and a half or so.
  12. Yah details has surfaced indicating there wouldn't be any member removal, only 2 new additional members who are currently CCM's trainees.
  13. This is the only news ever since I started liking K-pop which I couldn't accept. Member changes after 2 1/2 years of debut is just absurd, I mean thats just going to cause an outrage especially with the fans, as well as the kpop world. I really hope its just adding and not removing. Maybe davichi I do hope that April 6th is Korea's Aprils Fools Day or something, or that its just an attention grabber for their new album which KKS has sacrificed his life for
  14. Lol borams like a baby ^^ Just wondering where did you get these caps from? Is there like a promo video for this photobook or something?
  15. Pre ordered, though I feltlike its a huge waste considering its just HD ver. of the MVs lol. Is this MV alot higher than those gomtv releases? Also will it include like bonuses? Like photobook, card, poster etc.? O nvm, I just saw on yesasia which included details, for anyone interested. Plus I also just noticed that this is the JAP ver. of the unreleased crycry MV lol 01 「Cry Cry & Lovey-Dovey」MV Drama ver. *ディレクターズ カット 02 「Cry Cry」MV Dance ver. 03 「Cry Cry」MV Ballad ver. 04 「Lovey-Dovey」MV Zombie ver. 05 「Lovey-Dovey」MV in Tokyo ver. 06 「私たち愛し合ったじゃない with Davichi」MV 07 「Cry Cry & Lovey-Dovey」 Making
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