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  1. i was on the mnet youtube channel and only the pilates video had english subtitles. pilates: visiting her dad:
  2. I was impressed with Boram as well. The instrumentals. Winter: piano Regular version: chiming of bells
  3. i can't decide which version i like more.
  4. i prefer the first one... but the third is nice as well. is the voting up on their official fancafe?
  5. neona jalhaseyo

  6. knowing them, there won't be just 1 mv lol. anyhow am looking forward to this. only 6 more days...
  7. That is great to read/hear. Hope this reassures them that they are still very much loved by their overseas fans and gives them a boost to persevere when they encounter any hostile moments back in Korea. Still wished they flew to HK a week earlier. I would definitely have flew over with my family just to see them. Oh well... hopefully one day I will be fortunate enough to see them live.
  8. Love it. Am too wide awake from all that excitement. Still laughing at Hyomin's wig in the dance version. Absolutely adore Boram's and Eunjung's hairstyles during the solo cuts. Love the song, the mv (thankfully the editor didn't include flashes this time.) and the girls look great. I have no complains except for Hyomin's comical wig and heart cheeks. lol. Voted in all the polls and liked the youtube videos. Please do so too if you haven't done so. Don't let the official videos be flooded with dislikes.
  9. not going to lie...i'm excited. sexy robotic dance ftw. yeah when i first heard it i was like wait what? lol
  10. Words that should be banned in CCM's vocabulary..."vigorously" along with "dedication". Since when have they not promote vigorously? I love to see the girls back but 3 comebacks within 6 months? Isn't that a tad excessive? Fixed the quote.
  11. That is kind of soon, I know they have to make a comeback and face the public eventually. But are they (mentally and physically) ready? Has Soyeon recovered physically? If this pushes through, I hope Music Bank or CCM will have enough sense to beef up security.
  12. Well hopefully the k-netizens accept this and stop flogging a dead horse. This issue has been dragged out for too long and all 7 of them have suffered considerably.
  13. Awesome! Another objective adult who is not swayed and manipulate by the public opinion. I'm so glad Soyeon is supported by her co-workers and superiors. She's really fortunate in that sense. Yeah. Seriously. Somewhat off-topic but has Soyeon returned to filming and will we get a OST from her? And Hyomin too for her drama I mean.
  14. Thanks for the translation. I'm glad she has finally spoken up and thrown some backing to Soyeon's earlier statements. Wished it was done sooner but hey, I will take it. Hopefully the issue can start to die down now.
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