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  1. Great thing from our Queen's (Eunjung) eventhough she had a tough situation on that time, but she remain calm and now she keep going as usual...Damn you Y**m..Serve you well..All hail to the Queen's!!!
  2. Their agency want to do promote behalf of them but the treat that our queens get is not sufficient...but look cute when they sleepin tiredly...they all take shoot sliently..make more private for them to get sleep...
  3. CCM give jiyeon some time to study...at least give her some space to focus on professional and also her carrer..
  4. Send a condolence from me to you..Dear Qri, keep calm and be strong...Hope you more determine after loss someone...
  5. Don't go SBS..beacuse of them you been kick out from station drama...better take relax time to outing..enjoy the song and don't care on drama..
  6. Don't go...better take off from drama first ..enjoy round the world..release out your tension out..
  7. Good for you..eunjung...better back off from drama...because like last time, when problem come the hater boycott the drama, and you will be sad..better go around world enjoy until they wil suffer of it..good for you..daebak!!!
  8. Daebak..so cute when they wearing that rilakkuma hat..so kawai...hehehehe
  9. 7K for the T-ara Fan to purchase it is not enough mostly they surely buy more than 1: 1 for collection and others of showing that it is more than one...Must make more or combine all the PB into one whole set..easy the reader can see all like trilogy...
  10. I hope they will change best venue where everybody can see the beauty of our Queens..Cheras Far..Try like KL Live or Stadium Merdeka..hehehe
  11. Best Picture ever when they pose on at Malaysia..Superb posing by the Queens..
  12. So sad...this is will be last stage for SEXY LOVE song....i hope more song from T-ara...Cannot wait for it..huhuhuhu
  13. Daebak..Thanks for all the uploader photo for this event...surely the Queens will remember is occassion.hehehe
  14. I hope they will promote more on new member..but not forget the primary member of T-ara...hehehehe
  15. A new maknae will be show by early next year...hope she can bring more fame and famous on T-ara Group.Daebak!!!!
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