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      ooh you want to publish? That's awesome


  3. Why is everyone checking my profile today

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      Older than you. Ancient in comparison

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      It's all in the mind :<

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      The mind ages too so I guess it'll know. I can't move like I used and my thinking is slower, too

  4. Would like a DBD ~movie~ ...

  5. Nothing quite like a Jacuzzi at 6 in the morning after being awake for 23 hours. I nearly drowned.

  6. Hey, Doc! Haven't seen you in a while :(

  7. "As sure as the sun will rise in the east, only I will be victorious."

  8. 日出東方,唯我不敗

  9. I feel like I should clarify myself...Kakao Talk is private conversations and that would definitely involve a leak, but Kakao Story is more of a blog type thing and your messages/photos can be seen - I dunno if there's a privacy setting though, so admittedly there COULD have been a leak. Doesn't seem incredibly likely though. And tbh, most the time I think scandals can be attributed to detective netizens instead. If you really put your mind to it, I'm sure you could dig SOMETHING up EDIT: LOLOL, Elie sniped me .
  10. And yet another instance of CCM being inconsistent coming back to haunt them. Can't they make up their damn mind and stick to it? I admit netizens are probably looking for stuff to be annoyed about, but seriously CCM - either promote both, or none at all. Also, I agree with @iAmEd. I just hear this line "Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines" as being said in an unbelievably annoying, whiny voice .____. And yes, apparently pachinkos are often used for gambling purposes - seems like they're pretty much the Japanese version of slot machines. Direct gambling for money is illegal, but you exchange the balls for prizes and then can exchange that for money at a separate vendor so...basically, gambling.
  11. We should look on the bright side; it wouldn't go over well with the public if the clip was released with Jiyeon and Eunjung recording happily and joking around. At least this way, there won't be even more backlash - and when they are aired, they can repair their images first by clarifying on the issue. ...optimism I almost want to puke from the rainbows.
  12. This. I don't understand why people are blaming broadcasting stations; I mean, the purpose here isn't to like cultivate acting talent in idols, they're trying to make a profit. And guys...please stop wishing for the drama to flop or for it to have low viewer ratings. That's incredibly immature, and it doesn't surprise me that some of the people asking for it are Hwayoung anti-fans who simultaneously call for haters to stop. Even if EJ left, the other actors and actresses don't deserve any crap for it. I'm also loathe to say this, but if EJ did decide to leave on her own, I believe she wouldn't have wanted the drama to suffer - quite the opposite.
  13. Undesirable as it is, news doesn't always have to be accurate; even statements from supposed backup dancers are 'news' because they contain information about events that may or may not have occurred. People want to be 'informed', so any information, regardless of accuracy, is 'news'. This? Look at the title: "True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation." Nothing happened; there is nothing to report. Therefore, no news. I'm not seeing where anything is debunked. Unless you count that link, I suppose, but that wasn't the central focus of this piece either. This is an opinion piece, and there's just as much invalidity as articles from the other side. "People who don't like T-ara will not believe the truth and only believe what they want to believe." There's an obvious bias towards bullying not having occurred, so I could say the same for fans. Fans will only believe what they want to believe too; isn't that the basis of belief?
  14. On a cold note...with the current situation going on, she couldn't have chosen a better time to debut. All the media attention and stuff, she'll be famous overnight This part: "I dreamed to be a singer and even a girl group seemed fine to me" seemed mildly...umm...I don't want to say insulting, but idk. A girl group really is pretty constraining in terms of music though, so she definitely makes a good point there. But anyway, YAAAAAYYYYY for Jiae Will be following Jevice.
  15. As much as I agree with this...how is this news? If anything, this is an opinion piece. I'm not trying to be funny; I'm honestly confused. But one thing I'd like to point out - why do people insist on "hearing from T-ara"? You're obviously not expecting them to admit anything; they wouldn't be allowed anyhow. I fail to see why we cannot make our own conclusions, and people who say otherwise are trying to avoid what they do think.
  16. Why so serious? They should've edited troll faces onto the members and dubbed it so all we heard from them was profanity and derogatory messages \o/ I'd pay anything to see that
  17. Stopped reading there. Cool story bro, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but that is the biggest pile of shi- On the other hand, most of these articles are indeed pretty stupid. It's like people just have way too much time on their hands and have to make up stories to make themselves feel better, because they know something we didn't.
  18. How kind Lord Kwangsoo is to compliment Hwayoung's talent now, after slinging mud her way with all those allegations before. Hell, he's still mentioning it now! How exactly does one throw crutches without falling first? She needed them to stand. That's really all he wanted to say. I also find it difficult to imagine that Hwayoung's parents 'understand' that their daughter was being bullied and got kicked out of the group, followed by KKS slandering her character, but I suppose money solves everything. KKS is releasing way more statements than Hwayoung...shows a lot about who's more concerned about damage control.
  19. Well obviously her position won't change; if CCM let Hyoyoung go as well, how would they get Hwayoung to come back? They still need Hwa to save their sorry asses...which is really sad. After kicking Hwa out and getting a ton of backlash, they're now shamelessly calling for her back to pacify fans. Hyoyoung won't be treated well. The entertainment industry is never that kind; considering her sister's departure just made T-ara erupt into flames, Hyoyoung is in for some serious xxxx from everyone.
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