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  1. my xxxxing god trumpo did it

  2. bless tzuyu https://t.co/Yqdnu53duh

  3. Can we get that bumblebee guy to be NMP too

  4. gg here comes mindef chasing for money

  5. xd https://t.co/cYofOVDlc4

  6. everyday is a struggle to live xxxx

  7. @EspeonCat happy birthday m8 pls no more weeb kappa

  8. when you try to do a takeover without fully preparing for it https://t.co/OJFmlw2bzQ

  9. @EspeonCat @n0thax Can you live stream it on twitch

  10. Stressed af tbh Tekong is truly a place of despair because you can literally see, especially in trials and tribul… https://t.co/bbbbn4BvlR

  11. So xxxxing stressed and worried and people shouting at me and forcing me to do xxxx everyday doesn't xxxxing help xxxx

  12. @n0thax @vic_affxtionate I fear of ns leh can or not

  13. 4 more days to bookout day Bless

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