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  1. I read something about that. After the first critical, an agent from ccm said: "Childrens will perform only for the 35 seconds of intro, doing robot dance, and than leave." For the new MV is an another story. I don't think it have sense make a new video for only 35 sec. I don't know what they will do in it.
  2. Not bad this song. Areum, with her milky skin, in beautiful even blond.
  3. Qri looks weird with those big eyes and lens in the third picture. In the other she is beautiful as usual.
  4. I like the choreography and they are really good to make that "doll style".
  5. OMG! Can't wait to see drama version! For now i will re-watch this making off.
  6. WOW! Four MV and only four hours to go! I can't wait to see them live in some tv shows.
  7. I hate her character in the drama, but she is wise in "real life". Good words from her; T-ara need them.
  8. This seems to be the "dance ver.". I'm also looking forward "drama ver.". I wanna see the end of day by day!
  9. It's only me, oor it seems she have more parts in this episode? Very well, she is doing good. Hope she get well soon.
  10. "She really wants to go to the filming tomorrow (15th) but whether or not she will participate in filming will be decided after a consultation with the drama staff," No! You shuld decide after a consultation with doctors.
  11. The second one came from E! news. I think (hope) they have more capable translators than fan's blog, so i'm more prone to believe to the second translation.
  12. OMG! At 0:30 she is dressing a nurse costume. I will definitely watch this drama.
  13. I read three translation and they are completely different. I understand korean is a difficult language, but this get me just more confused than before.
  14. "The messages we left on twitter about Hwayoung were uncalled for, we know now." So those messages was about Hwayoung indeed...
  15. i found this among the comments: ”she blamed it on herself because she wrote a tweet that became a big deal and is the leader.” ”soyeon said she’s afraid to turn on the tv or go on the internet after everything that happened.
  16. So what about "we got married"? Eunjung is part of the cast and her episodes are aired now. People complain against wgm too?
  17. A really bad way to wake up today... I was about to begin to watch the fourth subbed episod of T-ara star life theater, but now i can't watch nothing related to t-ara.
  18. They said: Hi kpopitalia! We are T-ara! We are here in italy and we want to greet italian fans. We are really well here in this city! It's really nice here, isn't it girls? Yes! Please support kpop with all of your love! We will working even harder in future and we hope to meet again italian fans! Bye bye! Italy good! Hope this can help you.
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